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Microarray Sample Submission

All samples submitted to the Microarray Service must first pass initial Quality Control (QC) checks. Only samples that pass QC progress to sample processing. If samples fail QC, costs incurred for reagents and QC processing will be incurred. There is the option of resubmitting samples, provided they are received within 4 weeks.


  Gene Expression Comparative Genomic Hybridisation (CGH)
Starting Material Total RNA

• High quality total RNA free of contaminating DNA

• RNA should be assessed by agarose gel or Bioanalyser

• 260:280 and 260:230 ratios >1.8

Genomic DNA

• Intact Genomic DNA free of contaminating RNA

• DNA should be assessed by agarose gel

• 260:280 >1.8 and 260:230 > 1

Amount Required 50 – 500 ng in nuclease-free water 200-1000 ng in nuclease-free water
Analysis Accurate detection of low-abundance transcripts > More Info High-resolution identification of chromosomal aberrations > More Info
Species Covered Human, Mouse, and Rat Human
One or Two Colour One Two