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High Content Screening Services

The Facility offers a flexible array of High Content Screening services ranging from instrument training and access through to the performance of entire siRNA library screens.

High Content Screening enables:

  • Unbiased collection of fluorescent images
  • Image analysis to measure spatial, morphological and intensity changes
  • Analysis of large sample sizes
  • High throughput formats (96/384 well)

Many fluorescent cell-based assays can be adapted to High Content to enable automated quantitation and multiplexing of cellular assays.

High Content Screening Services include:

siRNA screens

Instrument training

Analysis of your fluorescent cellular assay

  • Fluorescent quantitation
  • Marker co-localisation
  • Cell counting
  • Morphological change

High Content assay co-development

  • Adaptation of your assay

Robotic liquid and microplate handling

  • Robotics are available to test your compound libraries
  • Reproducible preparation of samples for biological assays

Application of HCS:

High throughput cell assay imaging and quantitation analysis

Cellular function

  • Apoptosis
  • Calcium
  • Mitochondrial function
  • Death
  • Proliferation

Protein measurements (antibody or fluorescent tagged)

  • Expression
  • Subcellular localisation
  • Co-localisation

Morphological changes