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Fragment Analysis Sample Submission

The Fragment Analysis service provides sizing of fluorescently labelled DNA fragments for analysis using LIZ or ROX size standards. Multiplexing can be accommodated using fluorescent dyes: 6-FAM, VIC, NED or PET.

Sample submission

  • All samples are submitted using our online service link ARIN
  • Submit DNA fragments and size std together in a total volume of 10 µl in 96-well format
  • Samples can be delivered in person to the laboratory or sent by courier
  • Samples received by 11 am each day will be processed in 24 hours
  • Label 96-well plates with client name and date of submission

Template quantity

DNA fragments may need to be diluted 1/2 to 1/100 using water.
Using the correct DNA concentration is critical for achieving high quality results. Too little or too much DNA will prevent automated size calling and analysis. It is also important to achieve consistent signal intensities when multiplexing. It is advisable to initially test a few individual or pooled samples and adjust the concentrations accordingly prior to subsequent sample analysis.

Size Standards

Dilute LIZ or ROX size standards 1/40 using deionised formamide.
E.g. 25 µl size standard and 975 µl deionised formamide for a full 96-well plate.

Combine 1 µl of diluted DNA fragment(s) and 9 µl of diluted size standard to appropriate wells of the 96-well plate. The Centre can supply appropriate 96-well plates and deionised formamide to prepare samples.


We ask that you include a negative control sample (10 µl of diluted size standard) and we will add in a positive control (LIZ 600 size standard and DS 33 installation standard P/N 4330397).